Flash of Memory / Memory Lapse

La Lanta Fine Art, Bangkok, Thailand

4 March – 17 April, 2017

Kwanchai-Lichaikul_2016_Something-Remains, Acrylic on canvas, 50x250cm


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‘ Flash of Memory / Memory Lapse ‘ is an exhibition by Thais artists Kwanchai Lichaikul, Uten Mahamid and French artist Hélène Le Chatelier who met during their residency program at Thaillywood Artist Residency. The three artists use ink as their main medium in their respective practice, each experiencing different aspects of it. But no matter their techniques or the way they approach the medium itself, they soon realized that they were pulling strings of the same ball of wool: despite their different backgrounds and cultures, they question various aspects of memory in our lives.

                  As such, and because of the very graphic aspect of their works, soon bloomed the idea of a group exhibition showing interactions between artists and pointing out different processes to digest and render the concept of Memory through Art.