(Un)fashionable masks with Alexandra Leyre Mein

Earlier this month, artist in residence Alexandra Leyre Mein ran a workshop at Nong Ket Noi temple school. One of the objectives of the workshop was for the students to recognize that popular fashion today, particularly the high fashion exhibited in music videos and advertisements, gets its inspiration from local fashion and traditions around the world. Alexandra presented images of local costumes and fashion that were used as inspiration for contemporary celebrity fashion, such as that championed by Lady Gaga. The most interesting and creative fashion comes from adapting the... Read The Rest →

Art Workshops with Mimosa and Thibault

Thaillywood was fortunate to host Mimosa Echard and Thibault de Gialluly at the residence last year. During their stay they designed three workshops with students of Nong Ket Noi temple school around the theme of imagining and creating fantastic, surreal abodes. While we typically visit the school to conduct the workshops, we invited the students to visit us at Thaillywood for the first workshop. We set up small tables and cushions around the back terrace of the residence. Mimosa and Thibault hung photos of wild, creative, and strange objects and... Read The Rest →

Last workshop with Simon Nicaise

The three-part collaborative art workshop designed by artist in residence Simon Nicaise ended last Friday with a collaborative creation of a head made entirely out of clay tools. All of the tools were made by the participating students while Nicaise adhered them to a clay foundation of head and torso. These workshops were a part of Thaillywood’s community outreach program, Thaillykids. All Thaillywood artists in residence design and deliver collaborative art workshops at local schools during their stay. The goals of the workshop are not only to develop the participating students’ artistry... Read The Rest →

Thaillykids at Nong Ket Noi Temple School

On 20 September 2013 the Thaillykids team went to Nong Ket Noi Temple School to conduct the first of a series of workshops in collaboration with artist in residence Simon Nicaise. The school offers free education to children in low income families located in Chonburi, Thailand. 29 students in their first and second years of junior high will work with Simon to create a collage of 3D sculptures from 2D collages. In this first workshop, students made collages using images of statues and tools to create poetic interactions between objects... Read The Rest →

New CRE8 project ongoing!

Our artists in residence are currently working with a group of children on a new CRE8 collaborative project. Based on several questions and answers all invented by the children, regarding the mysteries and magic of nature, our universe and more generally on our existence, they will contribute to a collaborative project of book. Thus the children will conceive, with the limits of their knowledge at this young age and the greatness of their imagination, a series of texts and drawings that will expose their own worldviews, reflecting innocence and beauty... Read The Rest →

A CRE8 Collaboration: Documentary Footage Is Here!

Fresh out of the editing room, we would like to present to you CRE8 Foundation‘s documentary footage from the drawing workshops conducted this past summer with the kids of local school Nongjetjai and Thaillywood Artist Residency. These workshops are a part Drawing Animation Sound (“D.A.S” for short): one of CRE8′s most recent and exciting collaborative art projects. Enjoy! Share → Tweet

Collaborative Drawing Workshops With CRE8 Foundation

We are proud to announce the successful finish of the first phase of Thaillywood’s very first collaborative art project with CRE8 Foundation and the kids of local school, Nongjetjai, The Drawing Animation Sound project, “D.A.S.” for short, is one CRE8 Foundation’s most exciting collaborative art projects to date, and Thaillywood is excited to be playing a part. With D.A.S project, CRE8′s goal is to connect kids from three far-off corners of the world—Thailand, the USA and Colombia—to work together to create one, truly one-of-a-kind animated film. Thaillywood’s first artist resident... Read The Rest →