Artist in residence from July – August 2013

Anthony Gripon was born in 1973 in Normandy, France. he lives in Sarlat, France.

“The seemingly light-heartedness and naiveté of Anthony Gripon’s works is, of course, false. The bright-coloured sequins that he likes to use are like millions of tiny cracks in a trick-mirror, sparkling reflections that can hide neither the cadaver of Narcissus nor the rot in the Nymphéas. Like the frantic fluttering of a butterfly trapped on the waters of a lake, Anthony Gripon’s very minimalist and almost simplistic plays on words are touching in their humanity, in their derisory and inconsolable solitude. His work is a cry for help for his lost paradise. Anthony Gripon, a ‘Oulipo geek’ is most terribly an artist of his time: he consumes ‘sustainably’, in order to forget his own death, while dreaming of poetry.”
Text by Arno Fabre

For more information on Anthony’s work, please visit his website.

Selected works:

Anthony-Pornographie everywhere 2012

Pornography Everywhere
silver print on Dibond
100 x 100 cm

Anthony-moulage d’après l’anatomie de l’artiste, plâtre, feuilles d’or.2012

Moulage D’après L’anatomie De L’artiste
plaster of Paris, gold leaf

Anthony-yeux en plastique sur papier tendu sur châssis 100x100cm. 2011.

plastic eyes on paper
100 x 100 cm

Anthony-autocollants (vintage) collés sur papier tendu sur châssis 100x100cm. 2011

vintage stickers on paper
100 x 100 cm

Anthony-vanité #1, 2011 Tirage argentique sous plexiglas, 73 X 45 cm.

Vanité #1
silver print on Plexiglas
73 X 45 cm

Anthony-keratin expansion 2010

Keratin Expansion
goose feather, numbers of Maison Des Artistes adhesive gold


Un Poing C’est Tout!
small round stickers
50 x 50 cm



lighting, burns by perforations on paper stretched on frame
100 x 100 cm

Anthony-le clou de l’exposition, 2007 clou en or massif. 2,5 cm.

Le Clou De L’exposition
solid gold nail
2.5 cm